A rubbing leads back to the future

16 March 2016 & 30 March 2016

As the top psych agents introduce a 10 year old John Stoker to a world of little sense to the young boy, John presents the Time Corps with an item one of his gang lifted off the “blind old man”. It is a strange rubbing of some surface, but it appears to be just a part of whatever the original was. Half of a prominent star appears towards the supposed center, with strange symbols surrounding it, which includes images of a biped in a bulky, enclosed suit: spacesuit or hazmat potentially.

The psych guys pass it along to the Sun Tzu guys. An alarm is raised, as this appears to be a piece of an item poorly captured by image in a case file reported back to the Time Corp from 2157.

The case is a mass murder investigation on Venus within Diamond Head, a corporate city of Geo Excavation. Ten bodies, found arranged in a circle in a busy thoroughfare of Diamond Heads 3 days ago, showed signs of radiation burns from the inside out. Six separate deaths from the last 8 weeks had similar, yet less extensive causes of death. All the earlier corpses where found in the Hole, the deeper and partially abandon section of Diamond Head where many less-well-off and vagrants sustain a meager existence.

James Capstan, sent the initial report and is undercover as a Warden Agent. He followed up on the local police investigation, compiled information related to the deceased, and provided various still images that included the original rubbing of the partial provided by John.

The TimeOps team is selected to pursue this lead before attempting to identify the nuclear bomb source due to the peculiar coincidence.

After travelling to 2157 and boarding their newly allocated cruiser, [ship name], the team joins [dude they already met] and travel to Venus. They use the ship’s shuttle to travel down to the planet and meet up with Capstan. Capstan gives a rundown of the intel, and the team investigates the bazaar deaths and mentions that a significant political convention starts in a couple days.

Starting with the most recent deaths, [need team name] checks out the active crime scenes of three vacationing families and the various hotels they stayed at. With minimal evidence to work with, other than some secret code device without any code message to apply to, the team moves to the lower level sanitation personal that had the partial rubbing within his belongings.

At the corporate security’s holding locker and after discovering that nothing like the rubbing is part of the evidence, a shadow down the aisle is seen and bolts. Alex immediately gives chase and catches up with his robed quarry (that’s wrong, isn’t it?), but the strange and sickly looking fellow falls to ground and partially self-immolates.

Further investigation into earlier deaths result in a visit to a structural engineers office. Within the team finds a computer tampered with and several Diamond Head structural diagrams retrieved around the time of the engineers disappearance. A small, near-featureless box is also found. No mechanical means of opening the box can be determined, but electromagnetic analysis does indicate that an active power source within. Ox decides a little jolt could hamper what’s keeping the box shut and finds a half-eaten bag of almonds, a notebook with a stream of encoded numbers, and a business card for a mechanical repair shop down in the Hole.

With a potential treat to the entire Diamond Head facility and political and corporate official from throughout the system starting to arrive, the team and Capstan use the Warden swagger to pull in a team of the local security forces to deal with the cultist threat.



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