Time Operatives deal with the coming of The Void

Travel through time. Enter The Void. Meet interesting monsters. Maybe get eaten.

Upon joining the Time Zero core

New Time Operatives come to the Time Zero base to get their initial training in maintaining the Timeline. They have been plucked from throughout time after exhibiting exceptional talent. They train as investigators, researches, and enforcers.

After months of training, the agents are selected to assist in investigating a broad reaching paradox that touches all the way forward into the 22nd century A.D. and far, far into prehistoric time. An experienced operative is initially sent to the year 2157 A.D. The operative, Dan McGuinnus, reports of a state of affairs close to the official historic record, but social and technical advances behind expectations.

No particular anomalies stand out. There’s just considerable numbers of lesser achievements, and several individuals that never came into their prominent roles as recorded in the future’s history. Subtle, dark happenings started centuries ago, and the latest reports have them coming more regularly and with more direr effects.

Nothing publicly known within that time or discovered by Dan and other operatives sent to this alternate future is discovering a root cause in the apparent downturn in the course of history. The Time Zero core is detecting more significant temporal distortion within the decades following 2180, and their leadership is scrambling to organize an unprecedented effort to investigate the problem.

A large number of Time Operatives are being put in place as deep cover agents to broaden the information gathering, in a hope to get a clue to the source of the dark turmoil brewing in this alternate future.

Becoming a Warden

The agents are placed in prime positions to be discovered by a 22 century government task force with a ….

Eventually, each member is picked up for training in the government’s semi-secret Warden force. This force is tasked with investigating and, potentially, covering the bizaar and unexplained insidents becoming increasingly more common. Again, the group goes through extensive training as Wardens.


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