TimeOps log entry: Troubles for Presidia, Mars and something below

Sheriff Fielding from Presidia, Mars requests help from the Wardens. Presidia is a small, insular community of independent miners, their families, the maintenance teams of a nearby atmospheric processor, and the merchants supporting them. Presidia lays deep in the canyon of Coprates Chasma that runs over 900km across the Martian surface with near-sheer cliffs as high as 4 kilometers. It started as a corporate sponsored mining operation but was never profitable enough for the the coorps, and they pulled out within a decade. A small number of the more independent miners of the community stuck it out, along with a former hard-nosed cooperate security guard that soon becomes the local sheriff.

Fielding has been investigating a series of thefts and pet disappearances. Within the last couple months people started disappearing also. At first it might have been folks that could of just up and left, but there have been just too many, too close together.

The team, having recently returned from the Chiron operation, are called into the office of the local Mars Warden leadership. They are shown the video message from Sheriff Fielding. The team researches the community, preps their gear, and head down to the surface.



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