Setting Rules

Altered Edges

Improvisational Fighter
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6
Operatives often have to fight with items not specifically designed for use as weapons: farming implements, torches, or whatever else is at hand. A character with this Edge has practiced using such improvised weapons and does not suffer the usual -1 attack penalty when wielding the. In addition, with a Notice roll, he automatically finds a Small improvised weapon (Str+d4) in the current location, a Medium one (Str+d6) if he scored a raise.

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8
TimeGuard considers people with a knock for languages a great resource, both as trainers and as field agents. Given the special training TimeGuard linguists receive, they are far better than their standard counterparts. The Linguist knows an undefined number of tongues: in game terms, whenever she hears a language for the first time she is allowed a Smarts roll. With a success, she knows it because she has studied it or a similar tongue. In addition, when hearing a person speaking a language she knows, with a Smarts roll she can tell if he is a native or a foreigner. With a raise, she can also identify the speaker’s possible era or area of origin.

Martial Artist
Requirements: Novice, Fighting d6
Operatives are highly trained undercover agents, so many of them are taught techniques of unarmed personal defense. The reasons are many: martial arts are inconspicuous, son’t require any time-polluting gear and give an unarmed agent a better chance of survival.
TimeGuard’s martial arts are a very eclectic and pragmatic discipline containing moves from styles of many eras. This gives an additional advantage: when fighting bare-handed with another person using martial arts, the Operative is allowed a Common Knowledge roll, based on Fighting rather than Smarts. On a success he recognizes the style used by his opponent and the era where he learned it. Triad agents are known to employ martial arts too, using a cross-time style very similar to TimeGuard martial arts.

Mentalist (Wierd Edge)
Requirements: Novice, Intimidation d6, Smarts d8, Notice d6, Persuasion d10 Taunt d6
This Edge is totally different from the standard rules version. A Mentalist in TimeZero isn’t a psionic but simply a character with a great understanding of psychology and group dynamics. A Mentalist can convince you to act in certain ways, and if he is really good you believe you are acting in this way because it is your idea!
In game terms, every time the Mentalist is dealing with a person who can understand his words and the situation isn’t already in combat, he can spend a Benny to initiate a Social Conflict, pitting his Persuasion versus the opponent’s Smarts. The player must declare a single topic on which he wants to persuade his opponent (for example, convince him to put down a weapon or let him past a guard post) before rolling, and must decide a Time Interval (see below), representing the actual length of his attempt. The longer the Time Interval, the easier it is to convince the victim, but in certain cases the Mentalist must act quickly.
If the mentalist wins the Conflict with 1-4 successes, apply the normal Social Conflict results, if he wins with 5 or more, the victim is totally enthralled by the Mentalist, consider him under the effects of the puppet Power for a duration of time equal to five times the Tim Interval.
The Mentalist isn’t actually controlling the victim’s mind, he is only persuading or manipulating him, so the nature of his orders cannot be totally against the victim’s nature, and cannot be self-defeating.
The Mentalist can use this Edge against other player characters, but they have the chance to spend a Benny to negate the effects.
Having a Hypnoprobe (see Gear), is definitely a must for Mentalist, granting him a bonus of _2 on his Persuasion rolls.

  • Time Interval ______ Modifier
  • Less than one minute ______ -2
  • 1 minute ______ 4
  • 15 minutes ______ +1
  • 1 hour ______ +2
  • 1 day ______ +4

New Edges

Time Resilience
Requirements: Novice, Vigor d6
The Operative is quite impervious to the fatigue caused by Time Travel Sickness. He has a perfect biological clock or some other unknown characteristic. Whatever the reason, he adds +2 Vigor rolls against Time Travel Sickness.

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6, must be Human
The Operative has lived in several eras and numerous cultures have permeated his way of life. This isn’t something that can be learned from books or through formal training; it is a gradual modification of tastes and perceptions that only humans can develop as they are immersed in a certain culture. That’s why this Edge is forbidden to Synths.
When the hero has this Edge, he chooses two other eras from the Origin table or from any extended list of available eras the GM has created. These are times and places where he lived for a long time, and they are considered additional eras of origin. A Cosmopolitan character has _1 to Charisma and Streetwise rolls in all his origin eras.
Cosmopolitan heroes know their chosen eras so well that they receive _2 to Notice rolls to spot anything out of the ordinary in that time (such as an undercover agent, an object not properly belonging to the current time, and so on.)

Field Technician
Requrements: Novice, Smarts d8, Repair d8
The Operative has spent some time in serious training with the latest devices from the Costume Warehouse. In addition he always reads the attached manuals carefully (usually agents junk it without even opening it). For this reason, any time he is using a special TimeGuard device mimicking a Savage Worlds Power he receives +2 to the arcane roll. He has the same Bonus if he must repair any TimeGuard device in the field.

Master of Disguise
Requirements: Novice, Notice d6, Smarts d6, Persuasion d6
“Life is a stage” is the motto of this Operative. A professional actor and impersonator, he learned his tricks pretending in his life before joining TimeGuard or from the trainers of TimeZero. Whenever the origin of his skills, even his mother cannot recognize him when he is properly disguised. He receives _2 to Smarts and Persuasion rolls in preparing and using a disguise and, given his experience, he can improvise a disguise using very basic tools and by altering his facial expressions. He can ignore the no equipment penalty while working on a disguiese, as long as he isn’t trying to imitate a specific individual.



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